InSSIDer channel differes from extender config

Hi, please say someone can help me. I’ve been working on this all day and I’m about to lose it at this stage. I’ve been reconfiging my router and extenders, I’ve got my main router on SSID Channel 11, and all my extenders on 10. When I run InSSIDer its saying one of my devices is set to 10-6. I’ve checked the troublesome extender (using the mac adr), and my config is set to 10. Where’s it getting this 10-6 from, I’ve even reset it to factory defaults and reconfig’d it but to no avail, still showing as 10-6 in InSSIDer.

Please can someone help :frowning:

Hi @handsomedanny! The “10-6” looks like a 40 MHz wide channel, so the config might be set to “10” and it is also configured for a 40 MHz channel, which would become “10-6”.
Channel 10 overlaps with Channel 11 and will cause problems. Channels 1, 6, and 11 do NOT overlap and are the recommended channels to use. So if you need the extenders on a separate channel from the router I recommend Channel 6 instead of Channel 10.
If you will send the “Export Summary” from inSSIDer I will verify the cause of the “10-6” channel numbering in inSSIDer. Thanks!

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Thanks for the reply Ryan, how to I do the export summary please?



Hi Danny,

You should be able to do this from File > Export Summary:

I”m using the mac version and don’t seen to have that option.


Any other suggestions?