inSSIDer Update: 5.3.18


A new version of inSSIDer is waiting for you :smile:
Changes in 5.3.18 include:

  • 802.11ax High Efficiency information element parsing
  • Hidden SSIDs are shown separately
  • Hidden SSIDs can be hidden from view
  • Client information is now included in Network Snapshots (viewable in Rampart soon)

5.3.18 also fixes the “No internet” crash. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, just fired up and i’m on 5.3.19 :grinning:

Yay! I’m glad that worked!

Just updated and now I don’t see any utilization or packets anymore.

Using Edimax EW-7833UAC

@randy.guenthner, sometimes the adapter drivers go south and require a restart to get working again.
Is the Edimax adapter showing in the inSSIDer status bar with [packets] next to it? If yes, but no packets are actually showing up. If not, please check that you are running as admin. If you are admin and the adapter isn’t showing up sometimes just unplugging and replugging the adapter is enough to get it working again.

@ryan, I was running as admin and had already restarted. Ultimately unplugging/replugging the adapter did the trick as advised.


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