Utilization not being reported by inSSIDer

Running licensed inSSIDer w MG+, using recommended Edimax USB wifi adapter for packet detection, for about 2 wks or so now. Still learning my way around. Appears to be running correctly, showing connected adapters in the bottom left of the screen and I can see all of my detected networks and devices.

but frequently it does not report utilization on all 3 tabs (networks, devices, channels). Today I noticed upon startup that only the channels tab was reporting any utilization at first, though active devices are connected to my network. About 10 minutes after starting the program, utilization began appearing in the networks and devices tabs as well. On prior days when the utilization is not fully reported, I’ve closed and restarted inSSIDer and I think that usually (but not always) immediately solved the problem. Once the utilization begins reporting properly, I think it remains for the rest of the session. I have not yet noticed it dropping off once fully established.

I also just noticed the blue LED status light on the Edimax is not lit, but it was solid blue when I first started the program. Is the Edimax status light related to whether or not it is correctly detecting packets for inSSIDer? Why the inconsistent utilization reporting? Am I doing something wrong? Per Casey’s recommendation, I plug the Edimax in before launching inSSIDer. Should I be waiting for a certain period of time or looking/listening for a particular response from the adapter or Win10 in between those two steps?