inSSIDer VPN Incompatibility

I am currently using a software VPN, rather than one embedded in my router, for speed. It seems inSSIDer is incompatible with my VPN - it crashes instantly, as reported by others. Is there a plan to fix this? Your program is much less useful if I have to disable the VPN each time I want to use it. The VPN is NORDVPN.

Continues to crash if VPN is loaded. When is this going to get fixed?

Hey @jdpsmp, sorry about the delay on this. The ticket to get this bug fixed was 2nd in the development backlog, but I’ve decided to bump it up to the very top.

One thing that might help us ensure that we’re fixing the right bug: could you grab a crash log from the Windows Event Viewer for us? Here are instructions (they’re for Windows 7, but things haven’t really changed):

When you’ve got the .evtx file, maybe send it to us at @casey can keep an eye out for it, and get it sent to me to add to the bug ticket.

I tried - it still crashers within about 1 second, leaving a message: “InSSIDer needs to close because of an unexpected error”. It offers an opportunity to send a message to you with my email attached. I have done that several times. However, there is no event in the Event viewer that matches the time. A puzzlement.

THanks for working on it.



Hey @jdpsmp, if it asks for your email address, that’s okay - that means our internal crash handler is catching it. Can you send me a message with your email address so I can go find the crash?

Thanks a bunch for your help!

Contact info received, thanks Joe! We’ll be in touch.

Hey @jdpsmp, I found the crash instance, and it matches the other crashes we have logged in the bug ticket. We’ll get it fixed… stay tuned!