Inssider 5.4 crashed and wouldn’t start again

Hi I recently had a crash or hang up with insiders latest version. After that I could open the software ever again. Can somebody help me?

Hi forgive7,

Sorry to hear about the trouble!

Can you try deleting your User Settings folder?

Clear the User Settings Folder

And also try repairing your .NET framework:

.NET Framework Repair Tool

If that doesn’t help, can you confirm if you are using a VPN with inSSIDer?

Hi both steps didn’t work at all. I don’t have a VPN with Metageek…

do you know whats wrong?

Hi forgive7,

Are you able to send over the crash event log to our support team at

Find an Event in the Event Viewer

How do I fish out the crash event log pls? What are the steps

Hi forgive7,

Please follow the steps in this article here to retrieve a crash log (.evtx file).

Hi I think my inssider software didn’t seem to crash upon trying to start it. Instead it popped up a login window that requested that I log in. After logging in the inssider software didn’t seem to start at all. Hence there was no event in the event viewer of the inssider ever starting. What could be the problem here?