MAC address discrepancy in inSSIDer reporting

I have two Ubiquiti Unifi AP AC Pro devices in my offices, cleverly labeled “North” and “South.”

The correct MAC address for North is 78:8A:20:89:xx:xx but it is showing up in inSSIDer as 78:8A:20:8B:xx:xx (all other letters/digits match).
The correct MAC address for South is 78:8A:20:89:yy:yy but is showing up in inSSIDer as 78:8A:20:8A:yy:yy.

I have confirmed that the MAC addresses of the devices reported by the UniFi Controller matches what’s printed on the box (and I presume on the device, but I don’t feel like climbing a ladder right now to verify!).


Hi kg1,

Hmm, this could be a bug in our macOS beta version of inSSIDer… Are you able to capture a .pcap file with these two APs and send it over to I want to see if our Windows version of inSSIDer handles the Unifi MAC addresses better…

If you are using macOS, this article here provides more info on retrieving a .pcap file. You can also use a tool like Airtool here which streamlines the process a bit more.

I’ll work on getting you that pcap file as soon as I have a chance. Meanwhile, though, I downloaded and ran inSSIDer on a Windows system on the same network, and got the same results I’d gotten on the Mac.

Btw, here are a couple of screen captures showing the details from the Unifi controller.