Many things don't update

I’ve been running Metageek Plus (now Pro) for a while, and have been flummoxed that key stats don’t ever update, others slow to update, and I don’t see where I can adjust. For instance, if a channel on an AP changes, you can sit there for many minutes and never see it change on screen, but if you exit and restart the app it shows it. I also don’t show clients on my APs, yet I see clients attached to neighbor’s APs, though I suspect some of that is not correct because only a few of their radios show clients. Restarting does not fix that. If I move around signal strength figures are very slow to update, which makes testing very tedious! Running Win 10 with Intel AC 8260 chipset built into the HP 850 G3. I do have your recommended TP-Link AC1900 on order. What am I missing?

@dpeterson Thanks for posting your experience! The TP-Link AC1900 will definitely improve the speediness of updates, because instead of getting WiFi scan results from Windows every 4 seconds inSSIDer can update based on every packet that it captures.
Without the packet capture adapter inSSIDer relies on information from the access points to determine how many clients are connected, and only about 50% of access points report that information (in the QBSS information element)… mine also don’t report this information :frowning: Here again, the TP-Link AC1900 will help, because inSSIDer can use the packet information to determine exactly which clients are connected to which access point.
I will investigate the slowness to update channel changes…