Metageek plus pro don't see my local wifi mac

Hi, I’m using the trial version of inSSIDer with MetaGeek Pro Plus on my laptop.
To perform complete packet analysis I’ve buy a TPLink TU4 and all works fine.
I see that my WiFi MAC embedded on my laptop even if works was not listed on Client List.
I tried also to use a second laptop and the embedded WiFi MAC of this new one was not listed and the previous one was listed.

Is it normal that the WiFi MAC of the station where is in use inSSIDer MetaGeek Pro Plus with adapter in packet mode isn’t listed?


Hi Massimo,

Hmm, in my experience the packet capture adapter should absolutely display the MAC address of any WiFi clients within range, including your laptop. Can you send a screenshot of inSSIDer so I can verify the TPLink TU4 was indeed in [packets] mode? Can you also confirm that your laptop’s WiFi card was enabled and associated to the network?

Hi Casey,
sorry for delay in replay.
I performed more deep test on that and I provide you some screenshots to describe my situation.
My laptop is a Lenovo X1 Carbon Win10 with an embedded wifi adapter that is recognized by inSSIDer as: Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265. InSSIDer use it normally as scan adapter.
This adapter is connected normally on my wifi net and works fine also if I start inSSIDer in capture mode using an additiona wifi usb adapter TP-Link Archer TU4 (reported on compatibily adapter list). My embedded adapter have a MAC: 4C:34:88:AE:A8:8A and IP:

Actually I’m in trial period (few days remaning) and I’m interested on that product for my business but, obviously, I want to be sure that this is an issue related on my laptop and not from isSSIDer before proceed to buy a license.

Thanks for every info or support on that.

Hi Casey,
this is an update on that issue.

Using inSSIDer on laptop named ARCIPELAGO-PC8 I can’t see me (ARCIPELAGO-PC8) but I can see another laptop named FLO.
Using inSSIDer on laptop named FLO I can’t see me (FLO) but I can see laptop named ARCIPELAGO-PC8.

Seems that inSSIDer is not ready to see the pc where is it running.
This happens using Trial or free version of inSSIDer.


Hi Massimo,

Thanks for sending those screenshots! It looks like you are using the Local Network Clients filter at the top, which is filtering out all wireless clients:

Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 4.35.55 PM (2)

This means that you are only looking at hard-wired clients through an experimental IP scanning algorithm.

To see all wireless and wired clients on your network, click on the All Connected Clients filter:

Are you now able to see your wireless laptop?

Note that you can also view clients on your network under See All Networks by diving into the Network and Radio details of your SSID, like this:

Hi, casey,
I want to inform that after your information I was able to see correctly my MAC address on client list.
Thanks for your support.