One IP Camera doesn't register in Client list


  • Using TP-Link Deco X-60 mesh system with W10 Home edition
  • Yi Home IP cameras.
  • All five APs are showing on InSSIDer Client list.
  • Everything appears to be working OK

I did some maintenance on my IP cameras today and one of the seven doesn’t show up in the InSSIDer Client List. (For all I know it never showed up. Just noticed it missing today.) Tried restarting InSSIDer several times: No joy.

All seven cameras are functioning as observed on the camera mobile app and the “missing” camera is in the Deco app client list with the correct MAC address…

Why is one missing from InSSIDer?


Hi art.kelly,

Hmm, that’s interesting. Are all the cameras hard-lined via Ethernet, or wirelessly connected?

If they’re hard-lined, keep in mind that IP scanning in inSSIDer is a bit experimental and easily blocked by any firewalls.

If the cameras are connected wirelessly, I recommend grabbing a MetaGeek Plus subscription here and a compatible packet capture adapter from this list to see all wireless clients on a network. If you already have these things and don’t see a certain client, this means that it is simply too far away from the adapter to see it!

All WiFi. I have a 5-AP mesh system and each cam is within 20 feet of an AP.

The missing-in-action cam finally logged in and all have been there ever since, but it took an hour or two (dinner). And it showed long after another device that only blips out a data point (1 Temperature, one Humidiy and the Bluetooth LE header that feeds the gateway) once every few minutes shows up right away. And the Temp/Hum data goes through two mesh APs and a cable modem before it returns from the server to the local system. Probably 100 or so bytes ten times an hour.

The cams are HD and generally run about 100 kb/s continuous.

The more i know,
the more I know
I don’t know.

(I’m just a shameless user. I toy with the thought of subscribing, but I mostly only use InSSIDer to watch for intruders. And of course, the one apparent intrusion occurred when I was 500 miles away.)