Newbie to Inssider

I’d like to increase the efficiency of my wifi. I found your website and thought it might help. I downloaded Inssider and have ZERO idea of where to go or how to open it. Can you help with next steps? Thanks

Welcome to the MetaGeek Community @briantess, and thanks for trying out inSSIDer! I’m sorry we let you down on getting things up and running.

Whether you are on a Mac or a WIndows machine, you should find the inSSIDer installer you downloaded in the downloads folder on your computer, which usually resides in your home directory and is called “Downloads”.

Double click the installer to open it.

On Windows, the app will be installed and start up.

On a Mac, you’ll get a window that shows you how to drag and drop the application into your Mac’s “Applications” folder, and after that you can run inSSIDer in Applications from the Finder or the Doc.

You’ll use your account to log in to inSSIDer, and you’ll be guided through account creation if you don’t already have one.

There are also lots of articles and videos that can help you use inSSIDer to get your Wi-Fi running smoothly over at