Login into inSSIDer

Hi Teams,
I wanna try inSSIDer free version for Widows (and may be in the future the Pro version) but I’m not able to log in into my account through the splash page the application show me.
I’m able to login to the website but not through the windows application.

What’s I’m doing wrong ?

Hello Marco,

Sorry to hear about the login trouble! Can you please try the following steps and email the resulting log file to support@metageek.com?

  1. Download the latest version of inSSIDer here.
  2. Close inSSIDer
  3. Open Command Prompt
  4. Type in cd AppData\Local\inSSIDer\app-5.3.24
  5. Right click on the inSSIDer shortcut icon and go to Properties
  6. Add “–enableLogging” at the end of the Target field so it will look like inSSIDer.exe --enableLogging.
  7. Start inSSIDer
  8. Try to log in
  9. Close the app
  10. Use Windows Explorer and go to the MetaGeek Local app data folder (under C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\MetaGeek)
  11. Look for a file that starts with inSSIDerTrace

If the file exists, please attach and send it to support@metageek.com so our engineering team can try to figure out where the sign in process is failing!