Not finding available networks

I hope this allowed on this forum. I have a small Windows XP system that I am using to monitor some sensors. Previously this system worked with an Atheros WiFi card. Using the Inssider program I could see the available networks and Windows XP showed the networks. This was almost 5 or 6 years ago. The system was shelved in a closet and I am now resurrecting it. XP starts fine, and it does detect the WiFi adapter card, the drivers are loaded correctly. But the problem I am having is that Windows XP does not show the available networks. When the system starts I do get a bubble message that says available networks can be shown, but clicking on that shows no networks. If I run Inssider program on this system, it does show all of the local WiFi networks in my vicinity. I am not sure I am missing a service that has not been started or what is happening with network discovery in XP. Any help from this forum would be appreciated. Regards, Karin Johnson

I think I may have found the issue. The COM+ Event System may not have been started in the XP machine. Just my guess. There were about two or three other services that were not started also, at this point I will have to go back and document them.