Wi-Spi Air Viewer continuously crashes

I cannot get Air Viewer to work properly. The app only works once after installing it; attempts to start the app afterwards continuously crash immediately after showing the “Connect your Wi-Spy Air” splash screen. I have tried everything I can think of, none of the following work:

Starting the app with the Air already connected
Starting the app with the Air not connected
Trying the app on a different iPhone
Trying the app on a different iPad
rebooting the iPhone/iPad in between attempts to start the app

The only thing that works is if I completely delete the app, reboot the device and re-install the Air Viewer app. Then, at best, the app works exactly once (and sometimes it crashes immediately again).

I have all the latest iOS/iPadOS updates applied, and am running the latest updates for the Air Viewer app (1.2.4). I have been waiting, hoping for an app update…but the last update was published more than 5 months ago (and the prior update was 9 months ago).

If this cannot be fixed I will have to return the device. How can this problem be resolved?

Hi Geordie! Thanks for letting us know about this issue. We’ve created a ticket to fix it, and we’ve moved it to the top of our development backlog. We’ll let you know here when the problem has been fixed.

FYI: same thing was happening to me yesterday. I “deleted” the app from my iPad and reinstalled. It now works.

I am having the exact same issue and just submitted a ticket for it.
Removing the app and re-installing is not a feature I can live with.

I have the same issue on my iPhone and I can’t use the snapshot feature on my Android…

What is the latest with this?
It’s clearly an issue preventing use of the product.

Hello Greg,

We are aware of a crash that is caused by the phone auto-locking and are currently working on a fix.

In the meantime I recommend changing the auto-lock on your iPhone while using Air Viewer to “Never” under Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock.

Stay tuned!