Chanalyzer 5.13.1 is here!


November 23, 2021

In This Release

  • All of the access points on channels 50 and 114 are FINALLY getting the recognition that they deserve (all 10 of them)! In other words, 160 MHz support is now supported. But seriously - networks advertising 160 MHz operation display the right channel number and data rate, and a 160 MHz ziggurat will be drawn be drawn in the Density view.
  • Previously, Chanalyzer incorrectly interpreted WEP networks as Open. We’ve fixed that - WEP is now correctly parsed. There is an edge case where a pre-RSN WPA network will probably show up as WEP. We think that pre-RSN WPA networks are super rare, so most people will probably never see this happen.
  • In the last release, we managed to crash Chanalyzer while creating a new spectrum signature! None of our customers reported it happening to them, but just in case, we improved the code around signature creation to make it more robust.

Known Issues

  • Just like last time, there is some known instability around Cisco CleanAir® mode in Chanalyzer, due to the age and proprietary nature of the Cisco CleanAir® code. Our ability to significantly improve this is limited, so going forward, we recommend handling this mode with care.

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Hi. Is there any chance of a Mac version of Chanalyzer in future versions? I’ve moved laptops to a mac and need to keep the old MS laptop running just for Chanalyzer

Great question! As a MacBook Pro user, I would also love to see Chanalyzer 5 on macOS. Unfortunately, Chanalyzer 5’s code base is not a good candidate to port to macOS, but we are working on other ways to get you spectrum analysis with a Wi-Spy DBx on Mac. I don’t have anything to formally announce right now, but stay tuned!