CSV Data from Network Graph

I am interested to know signal strength over time for several of my Networks. I select the Networks I want to graph in “Networks Table” tab, then move to “Networks Graph”, where I see this beautiful output (attached image).

What I can’t figure out is how to download the actual data from this Networks Graph. I of course can create a report with a snapshot of this Networks Graph, but that is no better than taking a screenshot. I need actual data to compare the signal strength of several devices running at different times (i.e. not overlaid on the same graph).

How can I actually download the Time vs. Amplitude [dBm] data?

Hey @szig! Unfortunately, Chanalyzer doesn’t currently have the ability to export raw values from the Networks Graph. We don’t have another product that does either… but that feels like something we should do. We’ve got plans to build much more robust reporting in our products - this is something we’ll very seriously consider.

Joel, thanks for the quick response. That is a pretty key functionality that would make Chanalyzer a worthwhile program for us to scale up.

Does anyone know an alternate program which might provide that type of output? For the meantime I am going to be spending a lot of time manually pulling points.

For anyone else interested in the same type of workaround used to digitize charts from the 1700s

You can use WebPlotDigitizer, which let’s you set a scale and then manually extract points from the plot. An example below:


Hi Sarah!

Wow, that’s pretty cool. Pretty horrible that you have to jump through that hoop to get the data out of Chanalyzer… but still neat.

As for alternatives: you could potentially use Eye P.A. to perform an 802.11 packet capture, filter down to just the beacons from the AP’s that you care about, and then bring out the list of packets from the Packets Table (the “Copy” button puts comma-separated values on your clipboard, which you can paste into a text file or spreadsheet for further processing). The hardware to do the PCAP is an off-the-shelf USB Wi-Fi adapter (we support about 15 of them). If you happen to have one of those adapters, maybe you could grab a trial of Eye P.A. and give it a go.

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