FCC vote on 6 GHz WiFi coming April 23

It’s pretty simple: higher frequencies mean more data (and also shorter range). More unlicensed frequency (6 GHz) for WiFi could become available soon.

As a reminder, check out how little of the total available RF frequency is available for unlicensed use: FCC Spectrum Allocation Chart

When can we expect Wi-Spy DBx to support the 6 GHz band? Thanks Rolf

Hello leutert,

Brian made an updated post here which I believe answers your question!

No, MetaGeek’s current Wi-Spy devices will not be able to scan the 6GHz band. We are working on new Wi-Spy designs to cover the new band.

Hi @leutert! I’ve long appreciated your insight and willingness to share you knowledge with the community at conferences and on Slack and Twitter. I really appreciate you taking the time to join the conversation here on the MetaGeek community!

As @casey shared: The current DBx hardware is not capable of supporting Wi-Fi 6e frequencies. We are working on a next-generation of Wi-Spy that will. If I had to guess, and I am just guessing at this point, I would say we’ll probably be launching a new Wi-Spy about a year from now. We will continue to post updates here on the community as our plans solidify and work progresses.

For readers who may not know, Wi-Fi 6e will open the up 5.925 GHz to 7.125 GHz for Wi-Fi, giving us access to 14 more 80MHz-wide channels, which is really great! I mention this frequency range, because there are some naming conventions among different parts of the industry that can create some confusion. For most of the RF industry, things tend to be referred to using the highest frequency supported. For example, a 6GHz spectrum analyzer is one that operates UP TO 6 GHz. Sadly, the current DBx design is not capable of supporting the 6GHz BAND, which goes all the way up to 7.125GHz There are many of the RF components (mixers, switches, amps, etc.) that can only operate up to 6GHz, and successor parts that support 7.125GHz have not become available, as the market demand has only recently shown up.

Hi Brian

Thank you for your fast response, it was a question from one of my customers.

Since 2010 I am a small reseller of your products for Switzerland only (buying from Sysob). I love your products and demonstrate DBx/Chanalyser in each of my WLAN/Wireshark trainings all over Europe.

WLAN is my favourite topic and I demonstrated Wi-Spy already at the very first SharkFest back in 2008 https://sharkfestus.wireshark.org/sf08 and on all the others which I attended since then. As a vendor independent consultant, I also often do WLAN troubleshooting in situations where suppliers of WLAN infrastructure and vendors of client equipment’s are finger pointing each other.

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