WiFi 6E is now OFFICIALLY on its way

Now that the FCC has opened up the 6GHz band for unlicensed use for WiFi, we can really start the clock on WiFi 6E. So, when will we see 6GHz capable devices? Late this year, according to this article from CNET. Personally, I don’t think 6GHz capable devices will show up in a really meaningful way until the second half of 2021. I’m also curious about access to the 6GHz band outside the U.S. I’ll be looking into that a bit more and post an update with what I discover.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. No, MetaGeek’s current Wi-Spy devices will not be able to scan the 6GHz band. We are working on new Wi-Spy designs to cover the new band.

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Really looking forward to finding out how/when this will develop in the UK!

UUrraa! could also give a collection is Wi-Fi 6E enabled Nic’s (devises) we could use to Monitor the 6GHz?
Thank You, Billy Johnson

Hi @bj010101, welcome to the MetaGeek Community. Yes, as 6E capable adapters become available, we’ll keep update the supported devices list. I imagine USB WiFi adapters will be among the last client devices to get updated to 6E, unfortunately. I expect Access Points will be first, followed by mobile phone and laptops chipsets, then IoT and USB adapers.

Another thread, and a more detailed update here: FCC vote on 6 GHz WiFi coming April 23