Help - Can't Unlock Timeframe

Just downloaded inSSIDer Free 5.2.4 to replace a much older version of inSSIDer.

Under the View menu at the top of the sceen (File View Help) there is a Timeframe item offering several choices, but none of them can be selected other than the default 2 minute setting.

Is this a deprecated item that should have been removed from this menu? Is Timeframe only available in an upgrade, though it is not described in any of them?

There is an entry indicating Timframe settings were available in inSSIDer Office, since a 30 second value was added there.

Note that the View menu is not mentioned at all in the inSSIDer User Guide, nor is Timeframe. It’s usually considered good to have the documentation match the shipping product.

Hi! Thank you for bringing this to our attention; you are correct that the timeframe options were disabled for non-subscriber accounts.
This is now fixed in 5.2.5 and Timeframe options of 2, 5, and 10 minutes are available to ALL users. If you run 5.2.4 it should automatically update to 5.2.5 and then ask you to restart.
You can also download it from:

Ryan, thanks for the really impressive response. InSSIDer did upgrade automatically to 5.2.5 and the Timeframe choices are now active, though as you indicated there’s now no 30 sec. choice.


The 30 Second timeframe is great for seeing spectrum changes from Wi-Spy data. Given that Wi-Fi scanning data only comes every ~4 seconds the 30 second timeframe makes the graphs pretty chunky. If you are looking for 30 second timeframe I would love to know more about your use case so that we can find a good solution without chunky graphs.


The removed 30 second Timeframe choice is not a problem. I was just familiarizing myself with the new version when I generated my original post. If I had been able to try a 30 second interval, I probably would have seen the chunky graphs and reached the same conclusion you did.


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Please explain the use of Timeframe in inSSIDEr

The timeframe determines how much time is shown on the graphs.
Data in the tables is almost always real-time data and not aggregated over the timeframe.