Inable to connect to inssider agent

I am unable to log in to inssider agent. I get an error on the log in screen which says the network is unreachable. I am not behind a proxy server, I have opened the firewall for inssider agent and I can log in to inssider, so I don’t understand what the problem might be. Any guidance appreciated.

Hi keith,

Sorry to hear about the trouble! Sometimes this happens when inSSIDer is being restricted by an anti-virus or anti-malware software, or a VPN. Do you happen to be running any of those things by chance?

I have opened the firewall for inssider agent and I can log in to inssider

Please note that we offer only one version of inSSIDer here (Mac version here). Please make sure you attempting to install inSSIDer using those links.

Thanks. Inssider is working fine - I was having a problem with Inssider Agent. Is that not available and more?



I am having the same problem (network unreachable), I have cleared inSSIDer in the firewall, (which was installed from your suggested download link), my Internet connection works just fine, I am not behind a proxy, do not use VPN and there is no antivirus/anti-malware blocking anything. Any ideas?

Right-click on the inSSIDer executable or shortcut and select “Run as administrator.” This ensures that inSSIDer has the necessary permissions to access the network and resolve any potential connectivity issues. Even if you have allowed inSSIDer through the firewall, try disabling Windows Firewall temporarily and check if you can log in. This will help determine if the issue is related to firewall settings. Thanks