Is sending snapshot data to Rampart a security risk?

As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as “Cloud”, only other people’s computers.” How private is the data stored in the MetaGeek cloud? How is it protected? There are clients who are very, very protective of any data about their networks (finacial services, federal government, Apple, etc.)

It’s a valid point, and there is some pretty important context to consider first. Since none of our tools actually authenticates to a network, we only have access to layer 1 and layer 2 information. Layer 3 and up is all safely encrypted in the data payloads and we never see it. All our tools have access to is an inventory of the types of devices on the network and traffic patterns of which devices are talking to which on the WLAN. We don’t have any information about what they are saying, or who/what the clients are talking to on the wired network or internet. The data we’re talking about is not “high security” stuff.