Max session time (is overheating a thing?)

I was wondering if anyone could help with information about recommended maximal running time for a metageek wispy dbx3 (or any of them for that matter)

If possible i would like to have one running for a long time on a site, but i want to make sure this is not gonna fry something, overheat something etc etc.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey @bewele4420, welcome to the MetaGeek community forum! The Wi-Spy DBx can run continuously, no problem. You might notice that Chanalyzer will create a new “session” once every two hours - that’s to keep the navigation waterfall readable.

Sessions are all contained within the same .wsx file. Think of sessions are little two-hour containers of spectrum and Wi-Fi scanning data within the .wsx file.

I hope that helps, thanks!

great thanks, so leaving it overnight or for a hole day, even two should not really be a issue then.

have a great day.