Signifi beta tester

How do I get on the Signifi biz beta program? I’m willing to do the tests you specify. I haven’t purchased a Meta Geek product in ten years. I’ve misplaced my original Wi Spy. I’m a Workmarket tech.

Hi @sdtechguy! If you’re a network administrator who is supporting users who work from home, then you’d be a good fit for the beta. You can find the form to apply for the beta here. Thanks!

I’m a network installer. I pick locations for AP’s and recommend relocating.
Very few home users
Thx for responding

I would recommend inSSIDer 5 with a MetaGeek Plus subscription. It’s a fantastic Wi-Fi scanner (yes, I am very biased), and with MetaGeek Plus, you can upload “snapshots” of data. It’s very similar to Signifi (in fact, Signifi is using the same cloud architecture for the next couple of weeks), but with an emphasis on live troubleshooting and saving snapshots, rather than monitoring. I hope that helps, thanks!